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We have listed the frequently asked questions and answers about letting, selling or renting accommodation around The Netherlands. Is your question not answered? Contact one of our Verra Makelaars offices in The Hague and Rotterdam by telephone and e-mail.

We work with a media partner that takes care of: the best pictures, a video tour, 360 tour, measurement report and we can even help you with styling the house if necessary. With the right media package we will advertise your property on Funda and on social media through LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

Based on our expertise and references within the street and neighborhood we will tell you for what value we advise to advertise the property in the market. Sometimes this can be exactly on the market value to achieve momentum and create as many viewings as possible, but it can also be that a different approach is needed. We will discuss the different strategies with you and what kind of buyer we think that you attract with your property. Sometimes if you want a quick sale this can be done through our (international) network of investors and through our relationships with other agents, or by simply advertising the property in the right way.

At Verra Expat Home Services we are not simply a sales agency or letting agency: we are both. Since we work closely with international relocation companies we know if the market is good to bring your property back in the rental market, or that selling your investment might be the best solution for the moment. We will discuss both options with you.

No problem, we will help you. We will bring you in contact with a notary to sign a power of attorney so the deed can be executed while you’re abroad. The purchase agreement can be signed digital as well and we will inform you about the important steps to take before leaving The Netherlands.

Call or email our office and one of our real estate sales agents will contact you. We will inform you about the next steps of the selling process, schedule an appointment to meet you in person and get to know you and the reasons behind your sale. The first meeting can be in our office, or we'll come to your property to get a first impression on the current state of the house.

Basically a full service from A to Z, meaning we take care of the intake, help with the media, find all the right documentation regarding the property, schedule and attend the viewings, making the deal and the purchase contract, go to the notary if needed and help you with the aftercare. We are a listed agency with the VBO (branche organization for realtors), meaning that also their general terms and conditions are applicable.

No, the asking price is an invitation for negotiations. The seller explicitly has to accept the buyers offer before there is any deal. We can assist you in drafting an offer that covers all important aspects.

To fully understand what your financial possibilities are we advise you to contact a hypotheekadviseur: a professional and certified mortgage party. Typically, your income determines how much you can borrow on a mortgage.

No, the official language in the Netherlands is Dutch and when you buy a house all purchasing agreements will be in Dutch as well. As a purchasing agent, we will be guiding you through the purchasing agreement and assist you with any questions you might have.

Not all properties will be advertised online. The majority of properties will be listed online, but it can happen that properties are sold without advertised online. Through our network with other real estate agencies we are aware of properties both advertised and not actively advertised.

Where you want to live depends on many factors in your life including school, work, sport and social life. We are experts in giving objective advise on all pros and cons of each location and can give you independent advise on the local housing market.

It is not obligatory to hire services of a purchasing agent, but keep in mind that the selling estate agent represents the interests of the vendor. He/she will advise the vendor during the selling process. The selling estate agent therefore cannot and should not represent your interests at the same time. So if you want guidance and advice during the purchasing process, it is advisable to hire a party as your purchasing agent.

The kosten koper or costs for buyer include the transfer tax and notary expenses, which include drawing up the deed of delivery and registering it in the Land Registry. In addition to the aforementioned costs, there may be notary fees for the preparation and registration of the mortgage deed. Commissions for estate agents, mortgages fees and possible costs for a valuation report or technical survey are also not included. These costs are generally settled through the final bill drawn up by the civil-law notary.

Within a few days of your offer getting accepted, both parties will sign a preliminary purchase agreement. This is usually drafted by the seller. The contract includes the specific house or apartment, the agreed price, the date of transfer of ownership, the obligations for both the buyer and the seller any other specific agreed upon conditions.

The Vereniging van Eigenaars is a Dutch version of a home owners association and membership is mandatory when you buy an apartment. The VvE manages the care of the building and serves the owners' communal interests including issues like maintenance and insurance. All VvEs are bound by Dutch rules and regulations and many mortgage parties have strict rules the VvE has to comply to before a mortgage is provided.

There is a slight difference between buying a house and buying an apartment in the Netherlands. Buying a house makes you the sole owner of the building and the ground. When you buy an apartment, you buy a share in the ownership of the building and the ground, also known as an apartment right. This gives you the exclusive right to live there.

In principle, the bank must grant permission to rent out your home. There are various ways for a owner to meet the obligations. Contact one of our realtors for a talk and we'll give you advice about to lead this process in the right direction.

AirBnB is a popular way to temporarily rent out your living space. Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages: most home owners associations prohibit it. Secondly, the home is occupied very intensively (often several people share a home) and quite a lot of care is required to prepare the home each time (cleaning, check-in and check-out). With expats renting your apartment every few years, there is less wear and tear in your apartment.

In principle, your current home insurance will still be applicable, however it is important to mention to the insurance company that you are renting it out. Does home insurance cover tenants? Sometimes you still have to pay a small extra premium. VERRA Real Estate can also help you get in contact with insurance agents that offer special rental liability packages. If you rent out your property fully furnished, please consider getting a content insurance as well.

The term 'expat' is a collective term for all the internationals who work in The Netherlands. Most expats are only in The Netherlands to work at a big multinational for a short period of time, usually have a good income and are searching for a temporary house or appartement to stay in for a few years. They usually search for a big family house or an appartment located on a favorable location and in a good condition. Most expats prefer a furnished house, because in a couple years they will return to their own country of a new mission in a different country. These type of tenarts are populair for house owners, because of the temporary stay and the good financial position. During a non-binding talk VERRA will give you advice about making your house ready for the expats to move in.




The most important thing is to hire a good rental agent who has local knowledge about the neighborhood and target group. Of course you want a trustworthy tenant who won’t stay in your home forever. A solid and legally correct lease agreement is essential to make this happen. You can always call us and make a (free of charge, no strings attached) appointment to discuss these important topics. We will discuss the legal consequences, rent determination (appraisal), points for attention to prepare the rental property and the right market approach to attract the right expat tenant.

In the Netherlands there is a special system for home valuation. This means that a house has a maximum rent based on a certain number of points. Above 145 points (737.14 euros) means the housing market is liberalized (free sector). With a house in the free sector you can determine the rent yourself. VERRA Real Estate can determine a suitable market price together with you during a non-binding talk.

In principle, you do not pay any tax on the incoming rent. You do pay taxes indirectly in the Netherlands through the so-called fiscal box system. If it is the home you are currenlty living in and you want to rent out this house temporarily, you pay tax in box 1. If the home is a second home that you would like to rent out you pay tax on the value of the home minus any mortgage debt in box 3. In addition to that you will have to pay home owner taxes such as WOZ tax.

  1. Bepaal je budget: Bepaal hoeveel je maximaal wilt uitgeven aan huur per maand en houd hier rekening mee bij het zoeken naar een woning.

  2. Zoek op verschillende websites: Er zijn verschillende websites waar je tijdelijke huurwoningen kunt vinden, bijvoorbeeld via het huuraanbod van Verra. Door op verschillende sites te zoeken, kun je een groter aanbod zien en meer kans maken op een geschikte woning.

  3. Wees specifiek in je zoekopdracht: Gebruik specifieke zoektermen, zoals "tijdelijke huur" of "huur voor bepaalde tijd", om gericht te zoeken naar woningen die aan je eisen voldoen.

  4. Maak een afspraak voor een bezichtiging: Als je een geschikte woning hebt gevonden, maak dan zo snel mogelijk een afspraak voor een bezichtiging. Dit geeft je de kans om de woning in het echt te zien en te beoordelen of deze aan je eisen voldoet.

  5. Lees de huurovereenkomst zorgvuldig door: Voordat je een huurovereenkomst tekent, is het belangrijk om deze zorgvuldig door te lezen en te begrijpen. Let hierbij op de duur van de huur, huurprijs, borg, gas, water en licht, verzekeringen en eventuele opzegtermijnen.

  6. Check de locatie: Controleer of de woning zich op een geschikte locatie bevindt. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan de afstand tot het openbaar vervoer, de nabijheid van winkels of andere voorzieningen die je nodig hebt.

  7. Maak duidelijke afspraken met verhuurder: Als je besluit om de woning te huren, is het belangrijk om duidelijke afspraken te maken met de verhuurder over de huurprijs, de verwachtingen rondom onderhoud, gebruik van de woning, etc.

Let wel, houd er rekening mee dat tijdelijke huurwoningen vaak snel worden verhuurd, dus wees snel als je een geschikte woning hebt gevonden. Verder is het ook belangrijk om te weten dat de huurprijzen in sommige gebieden hoger kunnen zijn dan in andere gebieden. Dus, het is aan te raden om je zoekgebied aan te passen aan je budget. Ook is het aan te raden om gebruik te maken van een huurmakelaar, zij kunnen vaak snel een geschikte woning vinden en kennen vaak de regels en wetgeving die van toepassing zijn op tijdelijke huur.

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