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Scheveningen is a lively neighborhood with dunes, beaches and the sea within walking distance. This old fishing village consists partly of old courtyards built very close to each other and partly of modern apartments

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Dunes, historic, lively

Everyone knows Scheveningen as the place with the beach, but there is so much more to discover. This neighborhood is divided into 3 areas: the village, the harbor and the “bath”. The harbor is one of the oldest parts of Scheveningen. Every day you can get fresh fish here and get an idea of how it used to be. The most historic shopping street is located in the Village. Here you will find nice cafes, delicious restaurants and many small shops. The bath consists of the recently renovated boulevard, the well known Kurhaus, a cinema and the circus theater. This is also known as the tourist area. 
The center of The Hague is within biking distance from Scheveningen. Here you can find the English Embassy and the government when needed. 
Scheveningen is known because of its beach and dunes. This is the perfect place for a walk during your lunch break, or with some friends after work. Scheveningen borders on a number of beautiful parks, including the Scheveningse Bosje, the Westbroekpark and the Hubertuspark. These parks are perfect for the days when you don't feel the need for sun, sea and sand. Contact our Verra Makelaars office in The Hague for more information on our services in this area and start your search.  

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